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7 Books That Will Supercharge Your Email Marketing Strategy

Even if email does often feel old-fashioned, you’ve probably heard that there is still quite a lot of hype around it. In fact, it’s still a major source of income for many companies (us here at Fupping included).

You’ve no doubt heard the astounding numbers some gurus tout. Well, you might not hit those highs, but here are 7 books that you should read to supercharge your email marketing strategy. 

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#1 The Conversion Code by Chris Smith

This book is not just about email marketing but about the whole conversion funnel from capturing leads to closing the sale. A big part of the book is obviously about email marketing. It's really great because Chris Smith offers very technical and actionable advice down to which services he uses for certain tasks. This book would also work for your query on books for video marketing. It's great because it is literally step by step by step through all of online marketing and sales. He also includes how to close calls over the phone.

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Contributors: Dylan Meeks from @dmatthew7 on Instagram

#2 The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib


[This book is] a bestseller and has received rave reviews from people who’ve read it and implemented his teachings. Although it’s not specifically dedicated to email marketing there’s a section that deals with it. In fact, Allan believes that it’s the one marketing tool he’d never give up. He teaches you how to leverage e-marketing.

You’ll learn which words and phrases to avoid so you don’t get spammed and he also advises on great email CRM systems like Ontraport. The writing’s easy to read and informative. It can also be fun. Importantly, Allan draws much of his knowledge from years of experience in marketing. And he always uses facts to back up his claims. Even better, he offers training on e-marketing in his MBA course, which anyone can sign up to. So not only can they read about email marketing, but they can do a quick course.

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Contributors: Candice de Beer from Successwise

#3 Email Marketing in a Digital World by Richard C. Hanna

This book will examine how organizations can optimize their use of email marketing. We will first briefly describe the history of email marketing and then discuss current best (and worst) practices. This is followed by an explanation of the evolving psychology of email and how peoples interactions with emails vary in meaningful ways across devices and contexts (e.g., mobile apps versus desktop computer; workplace versus marketplace). Building on this foundation and drawing on our unique expertise, we introduce three ways in which all organizations can improve their email strategies:

  1. improving and moving beyond A/B and MV testing of email content,
  2. integrating email and social media efforts, and
  3. designing and aligning CRM and other sources of customer data for greater email marketing impact.

This book is intended for anyone interested in learning more about email and digital marketing, whether a student or professor in business programs or practicing business executives in digital marketing. In addition to providing new content knowledge, each chapter will end with an application of key metrics needed to better understand and evaluate a firms email marketing strategy. The overall goal is to help marketing managers get more out of a critical marketing tool.

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Contributors: Michael Chmura from Babson College

#6 Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz

Breakthrough Advertising is considered the copywriters' bible, which makes it a valuable read. Schwartz’s book covers all the potential customers you might have to appeal to, from the unaware to the most aware. By understanding your customers categorized this way you’re able to advertise to them better.

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Contributors: Nate Masterson from Maple Holistics

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