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How IFTTT Can Make Your Life Easier

IFTTT has thousands, if not millions of uses. Here are a few of our favorites, from getting your dream job to marketing your website and automating lead generation.

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#1 Boost productivity

I handle a lot of content at Anime Motivation. And like all content, once it's published the first thing you need to do is promote it. All posts on Anime Motivation are synched with IFTTT, and published automatically to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks.

On top of this all the content (as well as products) is synched up to Google Calendar on the fly, all thanks to IFTTT. Doing all this manually takes time. But IFTTT takes the work out of the manual work, and automates it so you can focus on more important tasks. Making life easier.

Contributors: Theo J Ellis from Anime Motivation

#2 Cross Posting on Social Media

The Problem: We all know how tedious and time consuming it is to post content across multiple social media platforms.

The Solution: Use Recipes such as 'IF posted on Twitter with specific hashtag THEN post on Facebook.' Now you can cross-post from Twitter to Facebook simultaneously! You can also do this with other platforms such as Instagram and Linkedin and they'll look like they were posted natively.

Contributors: Jonathan Tavarez from Pro Housekeepers

#3 Trello Tasks to Calendar

The Problem: Trello is great for organizing tasks, but not at sending reminders. This causes people to easily overlook certain tasks during hectic times.

The Solution: Using the 'Trello in your Calendar' recipe you can now add it to your calendar of choice and get notifications of upcoming tasks. You can also see your tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly view which helps you see the progress you've made! Increased productivity = much better life.

Contributors: Jonathan Tavarez from Pro Housekeepers

#5 Accounting on auto-pilot

I use an IFTTT camera widget to takes photos of receipts on my phone. When the photo is taken, it is instantly added to a Google Drive folder. A separate applet detects this new file in my Google Drive folder and emails it to my accounting software where it is automatically logged as an expense to the value of the receipt.

Contributors: Owen Vachell from Owen Vachell Photography

#6 Get Hired

Yes, you can use an IFTTT to find a job! All you need to do is set up an IFTTT to search job sites for your ideal job and then you’ll receive a text as soon as your dream job is available you can receive a text.

Contributors: Nate Masterson from Maple Holistics

#9 Gmail and Craigslist

One of my favorites is to do various recipes between Gmail and Craigslist. The sky is the limit. If you are a photographer you can have photography gigs e-mailed to you. If you like free things you can have that mailed to you every time they appear in your town. If there's a particular product you want like 1998 Harley Davidson, you can have that e-mailed to you. IFTTT is terrific.

Contributors: Brad Hines from BradfordHines

#10 Lead Generation

We are a real estate investment company who use IFTTT for leads in our business. We are a home buyer looking to help distressed sellers get out of unwanted homes in the Dallas area. We use IFTTT to extract potential leads from Craigslist. We have a query setup to look for certain keywords like “need to sell home fast” or “selling a home without a realtor” which will be sent to us when a match occurs. This saves us a ton of time from sifting through all the craigslist ads on a daily basis.

Contributors: Adam Mitchell from Hilltop Home Buyers

#11 Ad Revenue

One of the coolest ways to use IFTTT is to set up a funnel for earning ad revenue just by browsing the web the way you normally would. Having a Tumbler page that is set up to display ads, we can post social actions like Thumbs Up A Video On YouTube or Added Song to Playlist on Spotify to the Tumblr queue. Over time, the tumbler blog will post the videos, music, and other sites that you love to your blog... and when people visit, you make money!

Contributors: Zack Weiner from Nomadic Creative 

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Written by Taegan Lion

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