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I see clients that come in needing one component of career counseling, like CV writing, and it is inevitable that we end up doing a variety of services because most clients aren’t sure they are heading in the right direction.  In fact, nearly every client I’ve worked with has never heard of a personality and ability assessment. Imagine their surprise when they answer a few questions and I present them with a slew of careers that are suited for their personality and skill level.  Many communities offer career counseling services at local colleges for free or a reduced price.  I offer my services online as well because most things can be discussed virtually.

Once clients are able to get their resume and CV updated and find out what their natural strengths are, they need to consider what they want to wear to work each day.  Sounds silly but I worked with a pastor and he insisted he did not want to work in an environment that required him to wear a suit and loafers every day.  These small details are things a career counselor can assist with because its normally the minuscule things that grate a person’s nerves that ultimately leads to a desire to change careers.

Contributors: Raysha Clark from The Collective Counseling

Written by Zak Parker

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