You Can Be a Winning Writer by Joan Gelfand (1/18)

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Joan Gelfand has been teaching the 4 C’s Approach to aspiring authors at book festivals and writer’s conferences for the past ten years. She has helped writers around the country realize their dreams of becoming successfully published. 

From writing the first draft to building a reputation, the 4 C’s discuss craft and commitment and give solid tips on how to build a literary community and a fan base. With a splash of humor, a dose of empathy and a volume of support, Joan’s book includes real life anecdotes from famous and not so famous – but successful – authors. 

You Can Be A Winning Writer is the go-to book for writers just starting out, writers stalled after their first or second book, and students. More than just a book about writing skill, You Can Be A Winning Writer includes post-publication strategies; the mistakes that even the most talented prize-winning authors have made; how, with the help of the 4 C’s, those same authors could have enjoyed greater success; and what it means to ‘fire on all burners and work to develop each of the 4 C’s simultaneously. 

Contributor: Brenda Knight from Mango Media

Written by Ben Skute

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