Yoga Retreats (16/28)

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Shamballah Retreats is a retreat based in Portugal which combines three important elements that would help you cutting fast foods: Location, Diet and Meditation.

  • Breathing pure air will help you find your balance, far away from the madding crowds.
  • According to Shamballah, a vegan or vegetarian diet – free of junk food, would help your body detox.
  • Together with a therapeutic meditation and yoga experience, your body can fully expel the substance and boost your energy.

Specifically, combining Vinyasa Flow and Hatha styles in a balanced flowing rhythm of asanas accompanied with deep breathing that strengthens the muscles, improves flexibility, increases the blood flow, drains lymphs, boosts immunity and helps to bring profound relaxation. Through meditation, you will positively influence processes that are essential to physical and mental health.

Contributors: Claudia Delrio from The Anderson Media Group

Written by Ben Skute

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