Write & Sell Your Own eBooks On iTunes (6/6)

As long as you have something to say, authoring a book (or booklet, pamphlet, chapbook, picture book or graphic novel) is not nearly as hard as it sounds. It’s very time consuming and requires that you be EXTREMELY ORGANIZED (if not, you really will have a difficult mess on your hands), but it’s eminently doable, especially if you’re already writing shorter pieces. One option many writers are now pursuing, is to sell their books directly to readers as ebooks. Upload an electronic version of your book to a place like Apple iTunes and there’re no costly print runs.

On the downside, you’ll need to do your own marketing/social media to promote the book.

Advice: take a course in something like Book-Length Projects to learn how to organize a book (or various options for doing so), and hire a professional editor/proofreader to finalize the copy. You might also hire a professional photographer for any photos included.

Find out more about this here.

Written by Meredith Fairbank

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