Write Roundup Post & Rank it for Very Specific Keywords (1/6)

Let’s say you’re blogging about cars or audio and would like to get a free carsubwoofer to review it. I think the most effective approach is to find some specific type of subwoofer, create a post that outlines top 10 subwoofers in that specific type and then rank it on Google. It’s important to create a specific post like “best 10-inch subwoofer for sealed box” instead of “Best Car Subwoofers” because you will be able to rank on Google much faster with a specific post.

Make sure to include specific term “10-inch subwoofer for sealed box” in your post title, H1 tag, and few times in a post to increase relevancy for that search term. I suggest to find 5-6 forums and 5-6 relevant blogs where you can comment on and place a link to your article. This will help you rank higher. Once you rank your article on first page of Google, you can email vendor to ask for a free product to review. Make sure to mention your ranking for their relevant search terms first to drastically increase success rate.

Contributors: Vladimir Beštić from Best Products Pro

Written by Zak Parker

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