Work from Home Fridays (1/7)

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While it’s critical for employees to maintain a high level of productivity throughout the week, being cooped up in the office for five days straight doesn’t guarantee maximum efficiency. Instating Work from Home Fridays will allow employees more flexibility and control over their day, and in turn increase productivity by doing away with traditional, rigid schedules. 

Keep an open channel of communication during work hours or update a shared spreadsheet throughout the day to ensure employees are still putting in a full day’s work.

Written by Ryne Higgins

Ryne Higgins is the Senior Manager of E-Commerce at Peacock Alley. For 45 years Peacock Alley has created luxurious bedding and linens that bring both beauty and meaning into the home. All fabrics are sourced from the highest quality mills and then sewn in the Dallas, Texas, workshop by skilled local artisans.

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