Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet? by Erin Boardman Wathen (3/60)

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It is a combo autobiography, science and fitness book all rolled into one self-deprecating, pop culture referencing, fully relatable manual where I 

  • speak to my own decade-long struggle with sugar/overeating/emotional eating 
  • segue into the science of it all and history of sugar in our country, 
  • offer the reader a simple yet comprehensive and fully medically vetted 4 step food plan (not a DIET) 
  • list off my own strategies for getting out of sticky food situations and how I live my day to day life now as life isn’t changing just because I stopped inhaling sugar like I once did. 

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Contributor: Erin Wathen from EW Wellness Solutions LLC

Written by Taegan Lion

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  1. This author and her book has changed me for the better. I ended an addiction to sugar that i didn’t even know I had – artificial sweetners being the culprit. This is a great read that will help you sweeten your days for real.

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