Warlight: A novel by Michael Ondaatje (9/24)

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Books about WWII are plentiful but this offering by noted author Michael Ondaatje is worthy of a spot in one’s physical or digital bookshelf. It’s a tale of two youngsters, Nathaniel and Rachel, left in the care of two shady characters in war-torn London in 1945 as their parents debunk to Singapore for “work”. 

It’s part spy novel, a la John le Carré, meets Charles Dickens. Intrigue and secrets are revealed in two parts as Nathaniel recounts his misadventures first as a 14-year-old and later as a 28-year-old trying to make sense of who his mother was. 

Woven with colorful characters, kidnapping, sex and greyhound smuggling, Ondaatje does not disappoint. Find out if Nathaniel finds the answer to “What did you doing the war, mummy?”

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Contributor: Nicholas Christensen from Lottery Critic

Written by Taegan Lion

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