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Vliba thick and sturdy diaper disposal sacks provide an easy and convenient diaper change product for moms on the go. One package contains 4 easy to dispense packets for Mom’s purse, car, stroller, and diaper bag and eliminates the problem of dealing with a messy diaper while visiting friends, shopping, traveling or taking a stroll in the park. Mom is ready for anything and ready to be out with baby.

While raising their own children our parent inventors saw a significant need for a thicker diaper disposal sack without clumsy handles. Competitive sacks are about as thin as a grocery store bag and can and do tear. The handles also leave gaps when tied, leaking odors and occasionally spilling contents. The innovative Vliba Diaper Disposal Sacks are extra thick and strong, made from high-density polyethylene to effectively seal in wetness and odors.

The Vliba Individual Disposable Diaper Sacks are perfect for diaper changes on the go. For a quick change in the car, simply place the soiled diaper, wipes and other messy items inside a Vliba Diaper Sack. The sack and its contents can later be thrown away in a trash can when you arrive at your destination. The Vliba Diaper Sacks are also great for changes at the home of friends or relatives. Once tied, the sack and its messy contents can be placed in any trash can – no mess, no smell, no problem.

Contributor: Sharon Tecklenburg from Vliba Products LLC

Written by Ben Skute

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