Vaya Tyffyn Insulated Lunch Box (2/50)

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Going on a road trip with a child is challengeing — especially if he or she has dietary restrictions, allergies or is just a picky eater. Snacks and meals are a must-have! Avoid stopping at gas stations where your options are limited to chips, candy and other non-healthy choices. 

Prep a few snacks ahead of time and use Vaya’s Tyffyn to keep them cool for hours — especially handy if there’s no room for a cooler! This slim, stainless steel lunch box is comprised of three copper-coated, containers, each closed with a spill-proof lid and stacked in a larger, attractive spill-proof case. 

Dividers can be used to keep two types of food in each container without them touching for fussy eaters. And, it all fits in a convenient BagMat, which has a pocket for utensils and doubles as a clean placemat. 

Contributor: Martin Stein from Vaya

Written by Ben Skute

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