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One of the greatest immediate areas you have to save money right away is by cutting down on the things you do away from your home. Every activity outside of your home costs way more than doing the same thing inside your home.

Here are some great examples of what you can do at home to save a substantial amount of money:

  • Make your own coffee, rather than buying it at a coffeeshop. With the average price of a home-brewed cup of joe costing only $0.17 per cup, you’ll immediately notice the savings.
  • Cook your own meals. You don’t even have to go dirt cheap – even cooking yourself a nice meal will pale in comparison to eating out. An added bonus – cook a little extra and bring it to work with you the next day for lunch. Now you’re really saving.
  • Happy happy hour at home. Whether on your patio or in your living room, happy hour at home can be a great way to entertain with friends, while saving a bunch of money. The average markup on a beer is 7X at a restaurant, with wine roughly the same.
  • Create a home gym. If you’re like so many, going the gym enough to get your money’s worth is hard. Instead, exercise outdoors and buy a few used pieces of equipment to save some money.

Written by Allen Michael

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