Use the Last 15 Minutes of Your Work Day: Organize Your Thoughts (15/20)

At the end of every single day, I make a list of what I accomplished at work that day, a list of what I hope to accomplish when I get home, and lastly a list of what I hope to accomplish at work the next day. It may seem odd that I include a list for my personal life, but I find dedicating this time each day, helps me keep all aspects of my life balanced and organized, and this is reflected in my work. Usually my lists will include a few large tasks and a few small tasks. It can be something as large and vague as contribute to such-and-such project, or something as small and specific as bring donuts to work tomorrow.

I will often refer back to these notes throughout the following days, and it encourages me to track my productivity/accomplishment. Impostor syndrome has been a popular buzz word lately when talking about things that trouble modern, successful women, and I can definitely relate. When I start to feel as though I am not keeping up or contributing enough to my team, I go through my lists and find tangible accomplishments, and look for more ways that I can add on.To anyone that is looking for a way to feel more grounded in their work and personal life and defeat feelings of impostor syndrome, try this technique.

Contributors: Laurelei Litke from HealthLabs

Written by Ben Skute

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