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List item

Keep an ongoing shopping list on the refrigerator. Immediately add items to it as you need them. Create a comparison shopping list from a few different nearby stores of items you purchase frequently. You can refer back to the list to see if items on sale are really a good deal. Keep a freezer list on your refrigerator. This lists all of the items and the dates they were put in the freezer. As items are taken out of the freezer, they get crossed off the list. When items are added to the freezer, they get written on the list. This helps to know which items need to be used (so they don’t sit in the freezer for over a year), what needs to be included on a shopping list, and allows me to quickly see what items I have on hand without having to dig through the freezer every time when I am preparing my upcoming dinner menus. 

Contributors: Brigitte Brulz from BrigitteBrulz  

Written by Ben Skute

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