Unknown America: Myths and little known oddities about the greatest nation on earth (1/11)

In Unkown America, Myths and little-known oddities about the greatest nation on earth, historian, political commentator and host of the popular weekday talk radio program that bears his name, Michael Hart reveals some of the most fascinating, obscure, and overlooked facts in American History. Hart also exposes many of the most enduring and fictitious American myths, many of which are still presented as factual in classrooms across the country.

Uknown America is also chock full of amazing tidbits and Americana you never learned in school. Be prepared to meet some of the most interesting people, that although they made incredible contributions to life in America and to the world, have either been lost to history or their stories simply ignored.

In Unknown America you will learn: 

  • That common paintings of the Declaration of Independence depict an event that never happened.
  • Which state had 3 Governors in a single day and the incredible reason why.
  • About the African America slave that sued for her freedom in Court, and won!
  • Who really flew the first airplane and why the Wright Brothers story is wrong.
  • Which US President had a dog named Satan.
  • Strange plans hatched by the US Military; including cats as spies and bats as bombs, and more.
  • The truth about the slave trade in America including the slave that owned slaves and dozens of misconceptions and fabrications that have endured throughout history.
  • About the role, IBM may have unwittingly played in the deaths of millions during the Holocaust.
  • That the United States has actually had a Gay President. Who was he and how do we know?
  • And America’s has already had a female President as well. You’ll learn her story in chapter 11 of UNKNOWN AMERICA.
  • Whats wrong with the Rosa Parks story. And who really should get the credit. It ain’t Rosa.
  • And speaking of credit; Betsy Ross doesn’t deserve what history has given her either. You’ll learn why the history books really have this enduring American legend all wrong in chapter 2.
  • What Presidential hopeful asked John Wayne, yes the Duke himself, to be his VP Running mate.
  • Why July 4th is not our Independence day, and what day really is, and how this miss-telling of history began…

And dozens, and dozens more stories just like these.

The revelations in this fun, lively, informative book will amaze and shock your audience and they will learn things the vast majority of Americans were never taught and will never know.

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Company: HartofAmerica.net | TheUnknownAmerica.com 

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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