Üllo Wine Purifier (18/46)

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Üllo is a revolutionary wine purifier that filters sulfites with Selective Sulfite Capture technology to restore wine to its natural taste -as if you opened the bottle right at the vineyard. It is estimated that 3 million Americans may be sensitive to sulfites. When founder James Kornacki learned his aunt was sensitive to these chemicals, he made it his mission to solve this problem and launched Üllo.

The Selective Sulfite Capture technology process works by sequestering only sulfites and allowing other compounds in wine to flow through unaffected. The end result is wine with less than 10 PPM (parts per million) of sulfites (most wines have sulfites ranging from 25-30 PPM with the legal limit being 350 PPM).

In addition to removing sulfites, Üllo includes an adjustable wine aerator and comes with 4 replacement filters, a travel bag, and a display base to capture stray drips. It is made from BPA-free materials and fits on top of any wine glass, or Üllo’s custom, hand-blown glassware.

Contributors: Daphne Ortiz from Statement PR

Written by Ben Skute

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