Traction by Gino Wickman (5/66)

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Like many business owners, I didn’t set out to run a business. Originally, I set up shop as a sole trader who built websites. A couple months down the line, I had too much work so I found a developer to handle the coding side of things. Then, when the work grew too much again, I brought in a project manager to manage the workload and resources. After that, I hired a designer and then another developer and then a digital marketer.

Suddenly, I was running a small six-person agency. Three years later, my team had swelled to 15 and my role had moved entirely to the management of the business.

The best book I have ever read is Gino Wickman’s Traction, which explains how to keep control of your business while efficiently growing it. It’s about setting clear objectives, identifying competent leadership and giving them enough autonomy in their role to actually drive growth in the business. Broken down into a series of steps, Traction is stupidly practical and allows you to work through the process as you read through the book.

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