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This is a fantastic gift. Every car owner should have one kept in their vehicle for their safety and to make it so easy to maintain tire pressures.   Maintaining tire pressures is not only important for the safety of your vehicle but can also save you money as soft tires use more fuel and wear out faster.

This model has been selling since 2014 and there are 150,000 units being used around the USA.  Top seller on Amazon many times.  The design has recently been updated with many improvements.

It pumps up tires really fast and has a great LED light, which can also be used as a red emergency light.  Its really compact and comes in its own carry case.  So easy to store in your trunk for when you need it.  It could really be a lifesaver

Every Holiday season sales increase as they make a great gift. However, I think it’s the sort of item that many don’t really consider, as it’s not an obvious one.
It may on the face of it appeal more to men, but we have many women customers that say they just love it.

Contributor: David Storey from P.I. Stores LLC / LTD 

Written by Ben Skute

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