Think ‘Vision’ rather than ‘Goal’ (4/14)

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Why am I calling them ‘visions’? Because many people shortchange themselves when they create “goals”.  People tend to create “realistic goals – so instead of shooting for the stars, they play it safe and create goals where they can picture how they’re going to accomplish it.

I tell my clients to create visions that they’d love to experience and accomplish in their lives without considering the ‘How’ behind it. Considering the how while you’re dreaming, ruins the dream. If Walt Disney had been fixated on the “how” behind his dreams, rather than just envisioning what he wanted to create, then we wouldn’t have a Disney World today.

Dream big, and we can worry about the ‘how’ afterwards, but don’t limit yourself just because you can’t see all of the steps just yet.

ContributorsJoyce Rojas from My Success Studio

Written by Ben Skute

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