The Writer’s Crucible by Philip Kenney (2/15)

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[This book] offers a psychological examination of obstacles that thwart the creative processes. Other creative writing books have addressed these issues; but Mr. Kenney’s approach is different. It tackles self-reproach and the emotional challenges of putting pen to paper by discussing vulnerabilities from a psychotherapist’s clinical viewpoint, providing assessments and insights that crack perfectionist tendencies and creativity-thwarting negativity. The fact that The Writer’s Crucible holds much more than exercises or mediations and addresses the heart of what keeps a writer from being effective and meaningful makes it a top recommendation for writers who struggle to achieve their best against the barriers of anxiety, self-deprecation, and fear.

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Contributor: Maggie Allen from Inkwater Press 

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg


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  1. This book will not only help you unleash your creativity, it will point the way to living a braver, more fulfilling life. Highly recommended.

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