The Underground Toy Society by Jessica D Adams (10/26)

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The Underground Toy Society children’s book would make the perfect stocking filler for children because the book aims to teach kids to love and appreciate what they have. Kids will want to clean their rooms and take better care of their toys after reading this book, which will come at a perfect time after receiving all those new toys for the Holidays! 

The Underground Toy Society and the Annual Toy Drive children’s book would make a great stocking filler because it teaches kids to think about other children in the world who may be less fortunate to receive gifts. 

The Underground Toy Society Helps Beary Bear children’s book would make a great stocking filler because many children have experienced losing their favorite stuffie at one point or another. This book shows Beary’s adventure to get back to his child, and shows how that same child could have found Beary sooner by simply cleaning up her toys! 

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Contributor: Jessica D. Adams from The Underground Toy Society

Written by Taegan Lion

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