The Three Roots by Rudolph Briscoe (4/20)

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This book speaks specifically about an area that affects most marriages, for example, page 11, but also how these three areas can be understood and overcome. These three roots affect our relationship with others, the book is a must read to help in avoiding the repeat of mistakes and how to get the courage to move on and be successful.

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Contributors: Rudolph Briscoe from RudolphBriscoe

Written by Taegan Lion


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  1. Discussion, explanations and understanding of fear, pride and ignorance from a religious viewpoint has been long overdue. The print, topics and overall arrangement of the script not only makes “The Three Roots” easy to read but also to understand. Rudolf Briscoe has written a masterpiece in that both young, old and the young at heart can read and identify with aspects of this narrative. He has also substantiated every theme with an scripture from the bible. Concise, precise and educational. A must read!

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