The Self-Taught Programmer (4/9)

Cory is not your average software engineer. Faced with a tough job market after graduating from college with a political science major, he taught himself to program: landing a job as a software engineer at eBay in just one year. After a successful programming career in Silicon Valley, he published his first book, The Self-Taught Programmer: The Definitive Guide to Programming Professionally, that not only teaches you to code but also covers the other essential skills you need to learn to program as a career.

In the past year, the book has already sold over 40,000 copies and has consistently been one of the best-selling software books on Amazon – quite a feat on its own and even more impressive seeing as Cory self-published it! Shortlisted for the Indie Book Awards, publishers have already translated it into three different languages: with two more on the way.

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Contributor: Cory Althoff


Written by Nathaniel Fried

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