The Rattan Bow Tie (32/32)

RATTAN BOW TIE | Ethical | Sustainable | Innovative

Racso J is raising funds for RATTAN BOW TIE | Ethical | Sustainable | Innovative on Kickstarter! Stand out from the crowd with the first in the market, the handmade and eco-friendly, Rattan Bow Ties by Racso J

We introduce to you something that’s never been done before: an elegant, weaved rattan bow tie. Made of new rattan fibers and recycled scraps from various rattan products, these Eco-friendly bow ties are hand weaved using various traditional technique. Rattan is a plant-based material well-known for its strength, durability and beauty, giving our expert craftsmen flexibility for more creativity, producing each bow tie different from one another.  There are no two same pieces, just like fingerprints, making each bow tie unique.

These trendy, earthy elegant bow ties aren’t just Eco-friendly but they are also fair trade fashion product that help provide livelihood to local artisans. We aim to support developing countries starting with Southeast Asia by creating jobs that will utilize and promote the talent and skills well known from their respective regions. When our artisans are happy with their working conditions, free from unethical production practices, we are confident our rattan bow ties will be made with an extra special touch.

Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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