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Why? Launched late September, the shirt was conceived by former Alaskan fly-fishing guide Clay Spencer. Clay grew frustrated with the available fishing shirts on the market, and endeavored to create the best shirt available anywhere. It starts with fabric: feels like cotton but dries 10 times faster — the fastest drying in the market. 

Second, fit: competitors shirts fit like a parachute, so Clay designed Poncho shirt in a reasonable cut available both in regular and fitted (the only shirt in its class available in two cuts). The shirt has minimal features geared towards functionality, not gimmickry. 

Designed for outdoors pursuits like fishing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, the shirt is still fashion forward for everyday wear. In short, any guy who love active pursuits in the outdoors will love you for giving him this shirt. 

Contributor: Clay Spencer from Poncho Outdoors

Written by Ben Skute

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