The Physician by Noah Gordon (22/48)

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Think it’s tough to get into medical school today? Try traveling the hazardous journey from England to Persia in the 11th century, pretending to be from another religion and a different culture, just to have the chance to study in a medical school. That’s the story of young Rob Cole in author Noah Gordon’s The Physician, the first book in a trilogy. 

While Cole eventually winds up learning at the feet of legendary healer Avicenna, he also must choose between marriage and his medical career-and he chooses medicine. Although the book was not a major success when published in the United States in 1986, it was an enormous bestseller throughout Europe. Library Journal praised the novel as An adventurous and inspiring tale of a quest for medical knowledge pursued in a violent world full of superstition and prejudice. 

Contributor: Monica Starkman from University of Michigan Medical School

Written by Ben Skute

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