The New Collar Workforce by Sarah Boisvert (6/46)

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The world of work is going through a digital transformation and jobs right out of science fiction are readily available to anyone with New Collar job skills. The New Collar Workforce explores the engaging jobs available today in robotics, 3D Printing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more! Many of these jobs do not require a 4-year, or even a 2-year degree and are well-paying careers. New Collar Jobs have created innovative training programs such as digital badges that are affordable, short, skill-specific certifications. The New Collar Workforce clearly shows a path for young people’s career choices.

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Contributors: Sarah Boisvert from Fab Lab Hub, LLC

Written by Taegan Lion

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  1. As a high school teacher who has read the book, I can say it opens our minds to the possibilities for careers that don’t require a degree! Engaging and easy to read, despite a strong emphasis on explaining technology. Must read for young people!

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