The Heart of The Divine (9/18)

What I’m Trying to Do:

It has been an amazing journey to watch a simple idea unfold into an actual book. After years of blood, sweat, and tears, it’s finally time to present this piece to the world for everyone to see! I have decided to go in the direction of Self Publication and I need some financial assistance to do so.

What I’ve Already Done:

The book is completely finished so for those of you who are ready to sink your teeth into an excellent read, you won’t have to wait very long after the Kickstarter has finished.

I have already determined where I will publish the book and the costs that are included therein, which is all included in the goal for the Kickstarter.

I have already paid an artist for the artwork on the cover and I think he did a fantastic job! You can see his beautiful work of art as the main picture in the Kickstarter as well as the options for the poster. (Also, as I mentioned above, this book is the first of a trilogy. When I have successfully completed the second book in the trilogy, I will present some new artwork that will coincide with all three books. So, that means that the artwork here is exclusive to my Kickstarter Backers.)

What Still Needs to be Done:

I want to make sure that my readers enjoy this book to the fullest extent so I have chosen to hire an editor.

The story still needs to be brought into the physical form as a printed book. This is the part that will take the largest chunk of the finances and it’s also the most important.

Written by Jessica Burgess

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