The Golden Ratio by Gary B. Meisner (4/18)

The golden ratio has intrigued some of the greatest minds of history. It is also a topic riddled with a surprising amount of misinformation, which for many years has led to confusion, debate and polarizing viewpoints. Information written on the golden ratio just a decade or two ago can now be shown to be incomplete in its facts and conclusions.

The Golden Ratio – The Divine Beauty of Mathematics by Gary Meisner shares the results of his twenty-year investigation and collaboration with thousands of people across the globe in dozens of professions and walks of life. The evidence will close the gaps of understanding related to many claims of the golden ratio’s appearances and applications, and present new findings to take our knowledge further yet. This book invites you to take a new look at a timeless topic, with a compilation of research and information accompanied by over two hundred beautiful color illustrations from Rafael Araujo.

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Contributor: Lydia Rasmussen from The Quarto Group 

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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