The Fang and the Feather by Sabina Spencer (2/14)

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The story follows the tale of two best friends Zara and Zak, who find themselves immersed in a virtual reality game, while on a quest to discover what happened to Zara’s grandma. On hearing that her Grandma Elizabeth is presumed drowned, Zara finds it impossible to accept that she’s dead. Instead, she is convinced that her grandmother has been kidnapped by some dark force.

At the wake, Zara and Zak, discover a portal in Elizabeth’s thatched cottage. Before they know it, they are engaged in a virtual reality game, that turns out to be a real-time adventure in another galaxy. In the galaxy known as Quomos, an exotic purple planet, they discover they are eXtraordinary Inter-dimensional Travelers or X-ITs, with special powers. As they acclimate themselves to their new interactive world and budding special powers, Zara and Zak find themselves becoming more confident in their self-worth, as they join a family of beings called The Nuffs, who are engaged in a desperate quest to save their world from destruction.

The underlying message developing self-confidence is what inspired Spencer to write the trilogy series. To all those who have ever questioned if they were good enough, smart enough, strong enough, and every kind of enough you can think of – this story is for you, says Spencer.

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Contributor: Cassidy Colarik from Austin Macauley 

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg


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  1. The Fang and the Feather is captivating. I couldn’t put it down! The compelling story of Zak and Zara’s quest to save Grandma Elizabeth that so brilliantly helps readers explore their sense of self-worth and being ‘enough’ is a must read.

  2. This is a journey and a wild one at that of two best friends. A story of deep friendship, light and dark, good and evil and characters you won’t easily forget. Is it virtual reality or real life….this story is exciting and full of adventure.

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