The Closer by Shaz Kahng (1/7)

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After finishing The Closer, Shaz had initially set down the traditional publishing path. Then she started receiving feedback such as, “Why don’t you change the main character to a man?” and, “Why don’t you make this more of a romance novel?” and, “Can the female protagonist be more obsessed with shoes or cats to make her more relatable?” Not wanting to rewrite her story to conform to the commercial norms of “chick lit,” Shaz took matters into her own hands and published her story, her way.

That’s exactly what Shaz Kahng did with her novel, The Closer. In her own words, “It’s about the first female CEO of a sports company and the secret society of professional women who help her succeed (called The Ceiling Smashers). The tone is hopeful, positive, and collaborative, and the story drew from my own experience as a senior executive at Nike and the chief executive of Lucy Activewear.”

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