The Case Of The Mona Lisa (The Amulet Of Amser) (1/10)

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The Case of the Mona Lisa is an exciting take on Art History at a level older children will understand. Wen is going to spend the whole summer with his Grandfather, who explains to him that his first name means traveler and he has the ability to travel back in time and re-write history. 

The famous Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911 and it is Wen’s job to go back to that date and retrieve it. With the help of an immortal dog named Mindy, he uses an amulet to travel back in time and start his mission. We love it because this mystery uses factual information to teach children art history in a way that keeps them entertained and well engaged!

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Contributor: Eevi Jones from Children’s Book University

Written by Taegan Lion

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