‘The 3 Song Practice’ (9/24)

I wouldn’t say I incorporate music into my work day but I start the day with three songs. Which songs is irrelevant, as it should be different for everyone. The first one is a song that reminds of a time when I felt truly loved and appreciated. In this case Annie’s Song by John Denver. My wedding song. The second one is a song that reminds of a time you were really in the zone. I had a few I always listened to prior to getting into an amateur endurance race car but am currently using Old Enough To Rock and Roll by Rainey Haynes. The final one should be a song that really makes you feel empowered. Something that reminds you what a badass you are. I like Remember The Name by Fort Minor for this one.

Contributor: Adam P. Smith, President from

Written by James Metcalfe

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