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A personal robot that utilizes mobility and navigation so users can experience AI from home while staying connected and entertained. 

  • Featuring state of the art AI, and a system of 16 different sensors and cameras, Temi recognizes its owners, distinguishes between different voices, and can assist with any smart task from playing music to ordering food.
  • Temi’s autonomous navigation gives owners the ability to spend time independently at home or office. When home, they can enjoy hands free video calls as Temi follows them and keeps them at the center of the frame.
  •  Using the Robox – Temi’s proprietary navigation system, Temi constantly maps its surroundings, distinguishing between dynamic and static objects, enabling it to travel freely while constantly avoiding any obstacles. 
  • Content is enjoyed with high quality audio thanks to a Harmon-Kardon designed sound system and a bright, rich 10 in. QHD display. 
  • There is an open developers kit giving users the opportunity to create apps that deliver endless possibilities for education, health care, entertainment and much more. 
  • Smart home devices can all be controlled through Temi and sequences for different day-to-day situations can be created for an even more custom experience. 

Contributor: Briana Lirio from Temi

Written by Ben Skute

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