TACKLIFE T6 Car Jump Starter (1/8)

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New drivers are still trying to figure things out about the car their in, and may make mistakes. I remember the first big issue I had with my new car was when I left the headlights on when I went to the dog park and the battery died. It was so stressful getting the courage to ask a random person for help because I didn’t know how to jump my battery. 

Back then, I wish I had has the TackLife T6 Car Jump Starter, which is basically a portable battery and jumper cables. It comes with instructions for when you need it, and it could really save your life if you’re on a road and no-one is passing by to help you. Once I found out about it I bought one for everyone in my family.

Contributor: Gabby Beckford from Packs Light

Written by Ben Skute

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