Support Other Women in Law (1/13)

It is absolutely no secret that law is a male-dominated industry. In fact, federal judges have recently published articles urging the legal industry to provide a more visible and substantive role for female lawyers.  As female attorneys, we need to recognize and celebrate diversity within the practice.

If you are a partner, offer to mentor a female associate within the firm and allow them to take a more active role in litigation. Don’t simply relegate them to a briefing assignment. Considering that recent studies have found women to be more effective lawyers than their male counterparts, this benefits the client, the firm, and the career of the female associate.

If you are in-house counsel, seek out firms with a diverse workforce who place their top female partners at the forefront of litigation and allow their female associates to argue in court. By supporting women within the industry, we may see a reduction in the mass exodus of women choosing to leave the practice of law.

Contributions: Chelsie Spencer from Ritter Spencer PLLC 

Written by Zak Parker

Journalist, writer, musician, professional procrastinator. I'll add more here later.


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  1. great information!! Always good to hear successful female professionals supporting others. I would use Ritter Spencer law firm based on this information.

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