Stuck? Unhappy? Become the CEO of Your Own Life by Beat Buhlmann (5/9)

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Work-life balance — the age old, often mystic-like goal of so many. For Beat Buhlmann, General Manager of Evernote EMEA, this work-life balance so many reach for felt as though it put both of those categories into separate silos, creating a wall between their private life and their work life. In Buhlmann’s words: “That does not make sense — what happens in your private life has an impact on your work life and vice versa.

Therefore, I suggest a holistic, integrated view, as you can see in my book, Become the CEO of Your Own Life.” With testimonials from Evernote’s CEO and the President of Google’s Business & Operations, Buhlmann’s self-published book isn’t about progression in career or personal development, but both — because work and life go together.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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