Still I Rise: The Persistence of Phenomenal Women (1/22)

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When Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in South Africa’s brutal Robben Prison, he tirelessly turned to the poem Invictus, the inspirational verse by the Victorian William Ernest Henley, penned on the occasion of the amputation of his leg. Still I Rise takes its title from a work by Maya Angelou and it resonates with the same spirit of an unconquerable soul: a woman who is captain of her fate. 

Just as Invictus brought solace to generations, so does Angelou’s contemporary classic. Still I Rise embodies the strength of character of the inspiring women profiled. Each chapter will outline the fall and rise of great women heroes who smashed all obstacles rather than letting all obstacles smash them. The book offers hope to those undergoing their own Sisyphean struggles. 

Intrepid women heroes are the antithesis of the traditional damsels in distress: rather than waiting for the prince, they took salvation into their own hands. 

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Contributor: Christina McCall from Mango Publishing

Written by Taegan Lion


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  1. Such a great list. I love memoirs. Reading Tom Corbett’s Confession of a Clueless Rebel as we speak. It’s funny, inspirational and it’s like taking a jaunt down memory lane with an old buddy. for his info. Thanks for the recs!

  2. Wagman-Geller is a great writer.
    I have another book by her, “Women who Launch” and it’s an inspiring read.

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