Sterling Silver Lavande Necklace (6/40)

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During lavender season in Lacoste, just once a year, the patchwork squares of lavender go from green to the most lovely shade of violet-purple, in what seems like an overnight transformation. Driving down the highway, the newly blooming lavender releases its sweet aroma, drifting in and out, as the delicate winds blow through the village. 

Little bees are thrilled to do their job, as they happily pop from one delicate bloom to another. All is calm and peaceful. Similar to its inspiration, each of our Lavande necklaces are crafted by hand, making each bloom unique and one-of-a-kind. This necklace measures approximately 15mm in diameter and comes with a choice of 16, 18 or 20 1.5mm sterling silver rolo chain, which fastens at the back with a lobster clasp for ease of wear.

Contributor: Kristen Baird from Kristen Baird® Jewelry

Written by Ben Skute

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