SprinJene Natural® toothpastes (13/58)

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The only toothpaste on the market to have all of the following five certifications: vegan, gluten-free, kosher, halal, animal cruelty-free.SprinJene Natural® toothpastes are free-from: SLS, animal byproducts, artificial dyes and preservatives and saccharine. Their efficacy is made possible by natural, quality ingredients, such as coconut oil, acacia gum, and birch tree xylitol. Kids, Fluoride-free and Sensitivity options are available.

Unlike many kinds of toothpaste, SprinJene is made with fine, round shaped microsilica, versus the traditional coarse, sharp-edged silica found in most mainstream toothpastes. Microsilica is safer on enamel and gums and cleans and whitens teeth gently.

Contributors: Sayed Ibrahim from SPrinjene

Written by Ben Skute

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