Speakeasy-S: New Retro 51 Speakeasy Rollerball Pens (15/35)

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Those Who Love to Raise a Glass Will Love to Raise One of These Bottoms up! Retro 51, creator of fine writing instruments with personality, recently introduced a new line of libation-inspired pens designed to get writers in the creative spirit.

There are three pen styles in the Tornado Speakeasy series, representing popular beverages of choice, including:

  • Pilsner Beer – featuring a sculpted twist bottle cap top, full-bodied yellow lacquer finish and festive “cheers” label.
  • Red Wine – with a robust red barrel and printed label, topped with an actual cork.
  • Absinthe (aka “the green fairy”) – featuring a green demon and antique silver accents, this pen celebrates the potent green liquor favored by writers and artists in the days of Prohibition.

Contributor: Joanne Levine from Lekas & Levine

Written by Ben Skute

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