Spaced Recall (8/18)

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Some people also call this technique as spaced repetition. This is a method whereby once you learn a new topic for the first time, you close your book and don’t think about it for a while. Then, after a week you open your book and try to recall as many things as you can about the topic. That is your first attempt. It doesn’t matter how successful you were. Go through the material once again and close your book. Next, after a gap of two weeks repeat the exercise. And then, repeat after a month. What you are doing with this method is that you’re training your brain to identify the information as critical since you’re frequently referring back to it.

For this method to work, the student has to prepare much in advance of their exams. But over time the brain learns to retain most of the information. Once this habit is crystallized, learning any new topic becomes a breeze.

Contributors: Thomas C T from New Rationalist

Written by Ben Skute

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