Sirkaya Kids Binoculars High Resolution 8X21 (3/22)

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The binoculars are real binoculars encased in kidsproof housing. They are appropriate from kids ages from 3-12. The binoculars are equipped with BAK4 prism glass. They are waterproof and shockproof. We are confident with our quality. We offer lifetime warranty.

Other benefits include: 

  • We provide wide band and breakaway strap designed to provide maximum comfort around the child’s neck and safety and convenience that the parents can quickly detach any/both ends quickly. The child will proudly carry the binoculars around. The parents also benefit because they don’t have to carry the binoculars for the child.
  • To complement our binoculars, we also supply a compact, useful and Macgyver-esque in the form of Whistle, compass and thermometer in one device.

Contributor: Siti Kadarwati from Store Sirkaya

Written by Ben Skute

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