Simply Amazing by K. C. Armstrong (1/32)

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In Simply Amazing, Armstrong shares his personal story of struggle in a voice that is fearless, reflective and honest. After losing his job at Infinity Broadcasting and undergoing both physical and mental health issues, he turned his life around to create WMAP, a radio station dedicated to airing interviews of regular people who have faced tremendous life struggles with grace and dignity.

On air, Armstrong’s interviews highlight the resiliency and beauty of the human spirit and triumph over unexpected setbacks, which is a theme of his own life as well. Listeners of his upbeat radio interviews appreciate hearing about strength, honesty and courage instead of the negativity that is all too prevalent in contemporary media.

Labeled by some as the “New Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Armstrong’s Simply Amazing series features heroic responses to heartaches such as disease, violence, and poverty. The stories Armstrong has chosen to highlight are not pitiful tales of woe; instead, they feature people who were able to transform their adversities into public purpose and benefit.

From the Holocaust survivor who today speaks to school children about kindness, to the mother of two special needs children who founded the *National Autism Academy* to help parents navigate their own challenges, the book entertains and leaves the reader with hope.

As the interviewer and commentator, Armstrong weaves these eleven stories into a meaningful framework of acceptance and perseverance. The opening chapter relates Armstrong’s own fall from fame and self-inflicted health problems, focusing on his subsequent rise to a better place of humanitarianism. Other chapters focus on people overcoming issues with alcoholism, autism, poverty, cancer, mental illness and abuse, among others.

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Contributor: Dolly Hiller from Kulabrands

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg


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  1. I received my Copy of Simply Amazing a few days ago. All thou I have not had the opportunity to read the entire book yet just what I have has left me with wanting more. I cannot wait to have the time to delve completely into this book.

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