Siddhartha by Herman Hesse (1/19)

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Siddhartha by Herman Hesse is a must read again and again before dying. The book deals with the spiritual journey of a teenager seeking to find the true meaning of life and enlightenment.

It’s a tremendous tale about the struggles of pursuing and acheiving goals only to deal with the self recognition that the desires we had while in pursuit of the goal are not always the same ones we have once we accomplish it.

It’s a book about forgiveness, about love, about reflection, and about knowing the difference between seeking wisdom and finding wisdom.

Lastly, it’s a book about leaving home and the realization that adulthood can be an incredibly lonely and boring experience, much unlike the childhood we seek to expedite. But through it all, we can find enlightenment in our own lives if, to paraphrase Siddhartha, “we can think, we can fast, and we can wait”. My life has become much more meaningful and the world has become a much more beautiful place since doing those three things.

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