Shed Defender: Dog Onesie to Keep Your Pup Calm (8/38)

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Here’s why it’s a must-have for all dogs on Halloween: 

  • Reduce Barking and Anxiety: Halloween is fun for us, but it can be a source of anxiety for our dogs – the doorbell constantly ringing, the frightening costumes and loud parties can leave dogs howling with anxiety. The Shed Defender reduces anxiety by helping your pup will feel calm and confident so that he won’t be barking up a storm all night. 
  • Easy Costume: The Shed Defender comes in camo so it’s a ready-to-wear costume, or for the more creative types you can turn the black onesie into a bat costume or the red onesie into a super hero outfit! 

Contributor: Casey Walters from Shed Defender

Written by Taegan Lion

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