She Comes First By Ian Kerner (2/22)

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This is an important book for men in their 20s who have grown up in the age of the internet. Sex education in school focuses on reproduction and pleasure is primarily learnt through mainstream male-centric porn. For every 3 orgasms a man has, a woman has 1. Kerner provides great insight into closing The Orgasm Gap and offers new ways for men to perceive sex. He effectively re-centers a woman’s pleasure by introducing “sexual habits” focusing on clitoral stimulation, something that Crescendo, the world’s first bendable smart vibrator, can aid with.

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Contributors: Stephanie Alys from MysteryVibe

Written by Taegan Lion

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  1. To me a great part of She Comes First is tell blokes that “Hey you’re going to have a lot more fun if she does, in fact the more fun she has, the more fun you’ll have” and then sets about leading us in the right direction.

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