Setting boundaries is healthy and reinforces your value (6/12)

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How a couple communicates is a very important indicator that reveals how successful a relationship will be and the relationship’s longevity. Setting boundaries and clearly articulating rules create a calm, rational, positive, and loving environment for both partners to exist. It reinforces a sense of a long-term teamwork that leads to healthy and happy relationships. It gives both partners in a relationship the rules for relationship happiness, and it creates a playbook to keep each other happy and emotionally secure.

In addition, setting boundaries – what you will and won’t tolerate – indirectly communicates what you believe to be most important and demonstrates your understanding of your own value. For example, if loyalty is an important value to you, you must clearly communicate that cheating will have a particular set of consequences and, as such, you want certain discussions to happen before any cheating occurs.

Contributors: Anna Gonowon from Exboyfriendrecovery

Written by Ben Skute

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