Setout Divide Backpack by Tortuga (20/66)

Avoid checked bag fees and skip the hassle of baggage claim. The Setout Divide carry on backpack by Tortuga is compact with enough packing space for the essentials. Designed for light packers and short trips, the backpack can be expanded from 25L to 35L for extra room when they need it. Use the two-compartment layout to separate clean clothes from dirty (or large pieces from small) to stay organized en route. 

The Setout Divide packs like a suitcase, opening from the front for quick and easy packing and unpacking, but it carries like a backpack. Designed to maximize comfort, the ergonomic padding and removable hip belt make this backpack an ideal travel bag for exploring new cities. 

Contributor: Melissa Archer from Tortuga Travel Backpacks

Written by Ben Skute

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